Visualising the distribution of primes


Prime numbers appear to be sporadic and hard to predict. If, however, one counts the number of primes less than x, then one can prove (that's the famous prime number theorem) that this number is asymptotically equal to x/log(x). This means that the n-th prime, call it p_n, is asymptotically of size n log(n), i.e. the distance between primes gets bigger and bigger (on average).

The goal is to visualise the distribution of primes. One can do this by

This subject is related to the project on the testing conjectures on primes.

Participants: Jim Barthel, Pietro Sgobba, Fa Zhu.

Supervisors: Gabor Wiese, Panagiotis Tsaknias.

Difficulty level: Experimental Mathematics 3

Tools: Computer Algebra system like SAGE.

Results: Project report

FSCT -- University of Luxembourg