Construction and visualization of domains of dependence

Goal: There are several models for the shape of the universe, but the simplest are globally hyperbolic constant curvature Lorentzian spaces. They are the quotient by a discrete group of what is known as a domain of dependence. The main goal of the project will be to construct and visualize in several different ways such domains of dependence in positive, zero or negative curvature, and in dimension 3 and 4.
There will be several stages to this project, and completing in a satisfactory any of those stages will already be interesting.

Before going into computational aspects, it will be necessary to learn and understand geometric notions beyond what is taught at the bachelor level. For this reason the project can only be conducted as a 6th semester "memoire" or at the master level.

Schedule: to be determined.

Persons involved: Advised by Jean-Marc Schlenker, NN.

Difficulty level: Advanced.

Tools: programs in python/sage.

Expected results: Pictures of domains of dependence in dimension 2+1, possibly 3d models.

FSCT -- University of Luxembourg