Magic squares


Magic squares are integral square matrices such that the sums of the entries in every column, in every row and in both main diagonals are all the same. One speaks of a diabolic magic square if in addition the sums of the entries in broken diagonals are also equal to the same number.

Magic squares appear more magic than they really are; there are many known ways for constructing them. But, there are also many questions that are still open.

The goal is to construct magic squares on the computer by using some of the many constructions that are available in the literature. The examples obtained can be used to study some open questions.

Schedule: To be determined.

Supervisors: Gabor Wiese, Panagiotis Tsaknias

Difficulty level: Introductory.

Tools: Any computer language.


Results: [too be completed at the end of the project.]

FSCT -- University of Luxembourg