Third International Conference on Geometry and Quantization


at the University of Luxembourg

September 7 - 11, 2009


List of Speakers:

  • Andersen, Jorgen, Aarhus, Denmark
    The Hitchin connection, Toeplitz operators and TQFT
  • Baier, Thomas, Lisbon, Portugal
    Geometric quantization of families of degenerating complex structures
  • Bondal, Alexey, Aberdeen, UK
    Orthogonal decomposition of Lie algebras and a problem of quantum information
  • Charles, Laurent, Paris, France:
    Quantization of polygon space
  • Dai, Xianzhe, Santa Barbara, USA:
    The asymptotic expansion of Bergman kernel
  • Driver, Bruce, San Diego, USA:
    Holomorphic functions and subelliptic heat kernels over Lie group
  • Englis, Mirek, Prague, Tschech Republic:
    Toeplitz quantization on real symmetric domains
  • Fujita, Hajime, Tokyo, Japan:
    Torus fibrations and localization of index
  • Gorodentsev, Alexey, Moscow, Russia:
    Functorial A infinity coproduct of combinatorial simplicial chains that induces itself under barycentric subdivision
  • Huebschmann, Johannes, Lille, France:
    Line bundles on moduli and related spaces
  • Kaledin, Dmitry, Moscow, Russia:
    Cotangent bundles of complex Grassmanians and representation theory
  • Karabegov, Alexander, Abilene, USA:
    Formal symplectic groupoids with separation of variables and Bergman idempotent
  • Kori, Tosiaki, Tokyo, Japan:
    Geometric pre-quantization of SU(N) flat connections on 3-manifolds
  • Khudaverdian, Hovhannes, Manchester, UK:
    Differential forms in an odd symplectic geometry and Pfaffians
  • Ma, Xiaonan, Paris, France
    Bergman kernel and geometric quantization
  • Mano, Toshiyuki, Kyoto, Japan:
    The Riemann-Wirtinger integral and its application
  • Marinescu, George, Köln, Germany:
    Toeplitz operators on complex and symplectic manifolds
  • Moriyama, Takayuki, Kyoto, Japan
    Deformations of transverse Calabi-Yau structures on foliated manifolds
  • Natanzon, Sergey, Moscow, Russia:
    Topological string theory
  • Nohara, Yuichi, Nagoya, Japan:
    Toric degenerations of Gelfand-Cetlin systems and potential functions
  • Osipov, Denis, Moscow, Russia:
    Formal groups arising from formal punctured ribbons
  • Paoletti, Robert, Milano, Italy:
    Local asymptotics for Toeplitz operators
  • Shadrin, Sergey, Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
    An explicit construction of BCOV cohomological field theory
  • Schottenloher, Martin, Munich, Germany
    The geometric phase in QED
  • Sheinman, Oleg, Moscow, Russia:
    Lax operator algebras and integrable systems
  • Shoikhet, Boris, Luxembourg
    Bialgebras and n-monoidal categories
  • Talalaev, Dmitry, Moscow, Russia:
    Bethe Ansatz and Isomonodromic transformations
  • Tate, Tatsuya, Nagoya, Japan:
    An asymptotic Euler-Maclaurin formula for Delzant polytopes
  • Treschev, Dmitry, Moscow, Russia:
    Non-commutative structures and operators on Hilbert spaces
  • Tyurin, Nikolai, Dubna, Russia:
    Non toric lagrangian fibrations of toric (and non toric) Fano varieties
  • Upmeier, Harald, Marburg, Germany:
    Generalized Fock spaces on Jordan varieties
  • Yoshida, Takahiko, Japan:
    Torus fibrations and localization of index -application to locally toric Lagrangian fibrations
  • Wendland, Katrin, Augsburg, Germany:
    Asymptotic analysis for unitary conformal field theories


can be found here as pdf file

On Thurday, September 10, 2009 there will be a poster session. If you want to present a poster, please register for it during the registration process at the conference.