I am involved in a number of science outreach activities.

Many of my activities revolve around Mathema. Together with Paul Turner, we've created an interactive book called Mathema aimed at explaining mathematics to a relatively broad audience. The goal is to engage the reader with accessible yet authentic mathematics illustrating the true nature of mathematics. It is much more than a book and interactive activities play a central role in the experience.

The book was released for iPad and on Mac. We hope to have a version for other platforms such as Android one day. Paul has a nice website with more information about the book and who it's for.

In addition to the book, the Mathema project also consists of material for workshops and science displays:
IFEN: workshop for teachers in Luxembourg.
May 2017. Campus Belval. With the help of Thierry Meyrath.

Math for America: workshops for math teachers in New York, NY:
March 2016. Evening workshop.
June 2015. Full day workshop.
March 2015. Evening workshop.

Tec Days workshops: for high school students in Switzerland
November 2015, Neuchatel. With the help of Jordane Granier.
October 2014, Gymnase Beaulieu, Lausanne. With the help of Camille Petit.

Women in Science and Technology workshops at the University of Fribourg
March 2016, organized by Michael Dougoud and Jordane Granier
March 2015, organized by Camille Petit and Laura Vinckenbosch
March 2014, with the help of Camille Petit.

UniFr Open Days: workshops for high school students
November 2015, a workshop for high school students. With the help of Jordane Granier.
November 2014, a workshop for high school students. With the help of Camille Petit and Laura Vinckenbosch.

Other workshops
October 2015, a workshop for future high school teachers at the HEP Lausanne.
June 2015, a workshop for high school students at the Gymnase de Chamblandes, Pully.

An exhibit for the Road Show of the Jubilé,
June-October 2014, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the University of Fribourg. I was also invited to give a talk at one of the Road Show stops.

Nuit de la Science 2014 / 2016, Genève
July 2014, with Paul Turner and the help of the University of Geneva.

Cours CRM
September 2014, a workshop/interactive mini-course for 50 high school mathematics teachers. With the help of Camille Petit.
The Mathema project would not have been possible without the support of an AGORA grant to help promote dialogue between researchers and the general public. We are also very grateful to our publisher TomBooks for the trust and financial support.

I was one of the organizers of the Women in Science and Technology workshops of the University of Fribourg. The goal is to have scientists of our university organize workshops for female high school students to give them an opportunity to experience advanced research at an early age. I've organized several workshops myself, together with Paul Turner and more recently with Camille Petit.

I was a committee member for the Cafés Scientifiques. In particular, on December 4th 2014, there was a café about how to communicate mathematics to the general public.