Authors Title Journal Abstract
Erlend Grong & Anton Thalmaier Stochastic completeness and gradient representations for sub-Riemannian manifolds  ArXiv
Li-Juan Cheng & Anton Thalmaier Evolution systems of measures and semigroups properties on evolving manifolds ArXiv
Anton Thalmaier & James Thompson Derivative and divergence formulae for diffusion semigroups ArXiv
Li-Juan Cheng, Anton Thalmaier & James Thompson Quantitative C1-estimates by Bismut formulae ArXiv
Fabrice Baudoin, Erlend Grong, Kazumasa Kuwada & Anton Thalmaier   Sub-Laplacian comparison theorems on totally geodesic Riemannian foliations ArXiv
Batu Güneysu & Anton Thalmaier   Scattering theory without injectivity radius assumptions and spectral stability for the Ricci flow ArXiv
Marc Arnaudon, Anton Thalmaier & Feng-Yu Wang   Gradient Estimates on Dirichlet Eigenfunctions ArXiv
Li-Juan Cheng, Anton Thalmaier & James Thompson Functional inequalities on manifolds with non-convex boundary ArXiv

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