Clara Aldana

Dr. Clara Lucia Aldana Dominguez

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Mathematics Research Unit of the University of Luxembourg.


Maison du Nombre
University of Luxembourg
6, avenue de la Fonte
L-4364 Esch-sur-Alzette




clara.aldana + the usual
clara.aldana + the non-institutional

Phone number

(352) - 46 66 44 - 5711
For an internal call: 5711

Research interest

My research fields are spectral and differential geometry, and global analysis. My research interests include the spectral theory of differential and pseudodifferential operators on manifolds with singularities, spectral invariants, conformal geometry, inverse spectral problems, scattering theory and theory of resonances.


Former positions


Teaching and Seminars

This semester I am teaching a course on Functional Analysis for students in the 6th semester of Mathematics.

I am co-organizing the Geometry and topology seminar in Luxembourg.

Projects, groups and networks

Extremal spectral quantities and related problems

Women in Numbers Benelux (WiNBx)

Conferences organized

I was one of the organizers of the conference Spectral analysis on noncompact manifolds in Honor of Werner Müller's 60th birthday.
My husband Georg Biedermann is also a mathematician.

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