Dr. Oleksandr Iena

This page: http://math.uni.lu/~iena/
At the University of Kaiserslautern: http://www.mathematik.uni-kl.de/~yena/
More information: http://www.iena.info

My publications

on ArXiv; on zbMATH; on MathSciNet; on ORBilu; on KLUEDO;


My teaching activities at the University of Luxembourg

Libraries for Singular

chern.lib: a library for symbolic computations with Chern classes.

lrcalc.lib: a Singular interface to the Littlewood-Richardson Calculator by Anders Buch

These are libraries for the computer algebra system Singular.

Mathematical Doctorands Seminar of the Luxembourg University:

As an organiser of the mathematical seminar for PhD students at the University of Luxembourg I encourage all potential speakers to contact me with their proposals.
Your constructive criticism concerning the seminar is welcome.

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