Practical Information


The workshop takes place at the Campus Kirchberg of the University of Luxembourg (6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, L-1359 Luxembourg). All lectures will take place in the lecture theater B02 (B2) of the main building. See below for information on how to get there.

Wireless internet

At the campus free wifi internet access will be provided to all registered participants, but it is useful to arrive with an eduroam account already set up at your home institution.
Network name: Bianchimodularity
Password: Will be distributed by email to the participants. If this does not happen on time, then please remind the workshop organiser.

Travel to and from Luxembourg

Luxembourg Airport is connected by regular flights from all main destinations.

From Luxembourg Airport there is a regular bus connection to the city. Bus No. 16 (Eurobus) runs every 10-15 minutes during the day between airport and the central train station. It takes 25 minutes to reach the train station outside busy hours. On its way, it passes the campus (stop Coudenhove-Kalergi) and the speakers' hotel (stop Erasme/ d'Coque). For more information consult the homepage of the airport. Of course, taxis are also available. But they tend to be expensive.


From Frankfurt airport to Luxembourg airport, there is a direct bus which takes about 4 hours (more during the rush hours). On half of its way, it passes Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN) airport (which has a lot of discount flights), so the bus ride from there is 2 hours. From Brussels Charleroi airport to Luxembourg airport, the shuttle bus seems to take an hour less (about 3 hours). For both of these connections, you can (and should, because it can get booked out) buy the ticket for it online.

London (St. Pancras) is connected to Brussels via the Eurostar train through the channel tunnel; from there it is three more hours by train to Luxembourg city. Paris Gare de l'Est is connected to Luxembourg city by a 2-hour TGV train ride. And one can reach Paris Gare de l'Est by an 800 metres walk from Paris Gare du Nord, which one can reach by a 3 and half hours train ride from London St. Pancras. The latter station is within walking distance from London Euston, which one can reach by train from Coventry and hence from University of Warwick.

Kirchberg campus is easily reached by car from the motorway. Note that there is no free parking at the Kirchberg, not even the university, and at peak times the parking facilities can reach their limits. The nearest public parking is Konrad Adenauer (5 Euro/day).

Local public transportation

There is a good network of buses in Luxembourg. Tickets for a ride (up to two hours) are sold at the bus entrance by the driver (2 Euro). You can also buy a 10-ride ticket from the vending machines at the airport (arrivals) or at the main train station, which one has to validate on entering the bus.

How to reach the University - Campus Kirchberg

To reach the campus by bus, one can take buses 1 or 16 (stop "Coudenhove-Kalergi", the latter bus connecting airport and central train station) or 7 (stop "Université - Campus Kirchberg"). They leave Luxembourg's main train station from quai 9 outside the train station. The campus has several buildings; the lectures will take place in lecture hall B2 in the main building (Bâtiment principal, bloc B).

Map of Luxembourg with the University indicated.

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