Colloquium on the Geometry of Groups and Numbers

Taking place at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, 8th of June, 2017.

Organisers : Alexander D. Rahm and Gabor Wiese (for any questions, please contact Alexander D. Rahm first)


Mladen Dimitrov (Université Lille 1)

Paul E. Gunnells (University of Massachusetts Amherst, to be confirmed)

Günter Harder (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn)

Hans-Werner Henn (Université de Strasbourg)

David Kohel (Université d'Aix-Marseille)

Ralf Köhl (Universität Giessen)

Alain Valette (Université de Neuchatel)

Registration is for free and by informal email to the co-organiser Alexander D. Rahm, whom you can also contact for any questions. Funding for lunch and dinner is provided only for the speakers.

Timetable of the workshop. All talks take place in the room 15-25.502 of Institut Mathematique de Jussieu - Paris Rive Gauche (IMJ-PRG), UPMC - Campus Jussieu, 4, place Jussieu, Paris.

13:30 - Opening of the colloquium, talk of Alain Valette

14:10 - talk of Ralf Köhl

14:50 - talk of Guenter Harder

15:30 - coffee break

16:00 - talk of Hans-Werner Henn

16:40 - talk of Mladen Dimitrov

17:20 - talk of David Kohel

18:00 - talk of Paul Gunnells (to be confirmed)

20:00 - dinner

Printable poster (A4 letter format).

Travel information.

Picture copyrights : The diagram is taken from the HDR thesis of Alexander D. Rahm, which will be defended on the morning of the same day (9:30 a.m.), in the same room (15-25.502 of IMJ-PRG).