My publications and preprints, which are also available on my page on ArXiv, HAL, and ResearchGate.

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My PhD thesis: Surfaces in constant curvature three-manifolds and the infinitesimal Teichmüller theory

Some posters showing results from my thesis, which I presented at various conferences:
Since January 2018, I am a post-doc in Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg, in the group of Jean-Marc Schlenker.

I obtained my PhD in December 2015 under the supervision of Francesco Bonsante at the University of Pavia (Italy), where I have been a post-doc until December 2017.

Before that, I was an undergraduate at University of Trieste (Italy) and at SISSA.

My research interests are in Differential Geometry and Geometric Topology. In particular, I am interested in geometric structures on low-dimensional manifolds, Teichmüller theory, minimal surfaces and surfaces of constant curvature, and relations with Monge-Ampère equations.

Below you can find a summary of my research activity. Here you can find my full CV, in English, Italian or French.

My email address is: andrea dot seppi at uni dot lu