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Rice University
Department of Mathematics
Rice University
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I am a Lovett Instructor at Rice University where my mentor is Prof. Mike Wolf. I obtained my Ph.D. in June 2018 at the University of Luxembourg under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Marc Schlenker. My thesis on anti-de Sitter geometry was awarded the 2019 Franco Tricerri Prize for the best Ph.D. thesis in Differential Geometry written by an Italian mathematician in a European university.

My research activities lie in Differential Geometry: in particular I'm working on AdS manifolds and their relations to hyperbolic geometry and Teichmüller theory. I am also interested in simplicial volume and bounded cohomology. More recently, I have been thinking of questions about Higgs bundles.

On this page you can find some of my research and teaching activities. To see my full CV, click here.