MAGMA package ArtinAlgebras

This package contains functions for handling commutative algebras over fields (e.g. matrix algebras), such as the computation of the decomposition of such an algebra into a direct product of its localisations, and the computation of an isomorphic affine algebra with few relations. Functions testing certain properties (e.g. the Gorenstein property) are included. Some functions only work over finite fields (for technical, not conceptual reasons).

MAGMA package pAdicAlgebras

This package contains functions for handling commutative matrix algebras over p-adic rings. It essentially computes the decomposition of the algebra as a direct product of its localisations by using the Newton method to lift idempotents from the residue field.

MAGMA package Weight1

This package computes Katz modular forms of weight one over finite fields. It is based on an algorithm by Edixhoven.

MAGMA package HeckeAlgebra

This package is designed for the computation of Hecke algebras of modular forms over finite fields of characteristic p in the following cases:

MAGMA package WeakCong

The purpose of this Magma package is to compute whether Hecke eigenforms over Qbar_p belong to given Z_p-orbits of Hecke eigenforms modulo powers of p.

FastHeckeOperator (by Georg Weber)

Fast computation of the Hecke operator T_p on weight 2 modular symbols on \Gamma_0(N) for "small" N and "large" p. The main function is written in C. A Magma interface is provided. It should be easy to adapt this for Sage.

Last modification: 14 December 2016.