Currently, I am teaching Analysis for BiCS at the University of Luxembourg. For students, all course content, schedules, and materials can be found here
 In this course the focus is made on functions, limits, derivatives, and an introduction to proof based reasoning.

A list of courses where I have been the sole instructor of  record can be found below.

University of Luxembourg
  • Spring 2017 : Reading course on hyperbolic geometry.
  • Fall 2016 : Introduction to Programming, MAMATH-100.
    Course website can be found 
Boston College
  • Fall 2014 : Finite Probability and Applications, MT100404.
    Course website can be found here.
  • Spring 2014 : Calculus II, MT101.
  • Fall 2013 : Calculus I, MT100.
  • Spring 2013 : Calculus II, MT101.
  • Fall 2012 : Calculus I, MT100.
  • Spring 2012 : Calculus II, MT101.
  • Fall 2011 : Calculus I, MT100.