85th Workshop on General Algebra
85. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra (AAA85)

Luxembourg, January 31 – February 2, 2013

Supported by the
Fonds National de la Recherche, Luxembourg

Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg

Supported by the
University of Luxembourg,
Mathematics Research Unit,
Computer Science and Communications Research Unit

University of Luxembourg


Conference Venue

The conference will be held on Campus Limpertsberg of the University of Luxembourg (address: 162a, avenue de la Faïencerie, L-1511 Luxembourg). (Please be aware of the fact that the University has a number of different campuses.) All talks will be given in the Building of Sciences (Bâtiment des Sciences). This is also where the registration desk is located. The location is shown by the yellow pin on this map.

Campus Limpertsberg can be reached by city buses 2, 3 and 4 from the city centre. Go all the way to the terminus called Lycée Technique Michel Lucius (located on Avenue Pasteur between Rue Guillaume Capus and Rue Nicolas Liez). Walk 150 m south-west on Rue Guillaume Capus, and you arrive at one of the gates to the campus, with big signs identifying the place as the University of Luxembourg. The said bus stop and the walking route are shown on this map.

There is another gate on the side of the Avenue de la Faïencerie. This may be a more natural direction for people arriving by car, and with a bit of good luck, there may even be free places in the small parking lot.

Instructions on how to reach Campus Limpertsberg, provided by the University’s website.

Lunch options near the conference venue

On Campus Limpertsberg itself, lunch options are very limited. There are vending machines selling snacks and beverages around the buildings. Right behind the main building, there is an outdoor kiosk selling sandwiches, pasta and other fast food.

Once you are on the campus, you will probably notice that there is a canteen next to the main building. We advise participants not to go to the canteen. In order to answer questions that may arise after reading the previous sentence and in order to avoid unclear or irregular situations, let us point out that the canteen serves primarily the students of nearby high schools and only secondarily the students and staff of the university. There are strict and specific time slots for different customer groups. Payment is possible only with a valid student or personnel card, which effectively prevents visitors and outsiders from using the canteen. Please do not ask us to make some special arrangements for conference participants; it is – if not plainly impossible – extremely and excessively complicated.

Unfortunately, there are not so many places to have lunch very close to the campus either. However, there are quite a few places within a distance of about one kilometer. We have indicated the eateries we have spotted in the Limpertsberg quarter on this map. Of course, there are also lots of restaurants in the city centre.

Concerning eating at restaurants in Luxembourg in general, please pay attention to the fact that most restaurants serve food only during lunch time (12:00–14:00) and during dinner time (usually starting around 18:00 or 19:00). In the late afternoon, it may be difficult to find a place serving food. Notable exceptions are fast food restaurants (such as McDonald’s), as well as a few restaurants around Place d’Armes and Place de Paris, which keep their kitchen open all day.