General Information

The meeting will be held in the Science Building of the University of Luxembourg / Campus Limpertsberg. The University of Luxembourg / Campus Limpertsberg is located avenue de la Faïencerie, 162A, Luxembourg / Limpertsberg, within a 20 minutes walking distance from the historical part and the pedestrian shopping area in the center of Luxembourg City.

Approach to the University of Luxembourg / Campus Limpertsberg

By train / bus

The Luxembourg railway station "Gare Centrale" (link "Luxembourg", area 3B) is located in the south of the city. Several bus lines directly link the railway station with the "Centre Hamilius" (also called "Centre Aldringen" or "Gare des autobus"; link "Luxembourg", area 2A) in the city center (e.g. lines 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12; use link "bus lines", select "horaires et trajets", and choose for instance "ligne 3"). Bus line 3 (direction Limpertsberg) connects the "Centre Hamilius" and the conference hotels (station "Paris Quai 1", "Martyrs" or "Hamilius Quai 7") with the University of Luxembourg / Campus Limpertsberg (station "Lycée Technique Michel Lucius" (terminus)). You may have a bus every eight minutes and the duration of the trip is some twenty minutes. Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus (1,20 € per ticket valid for 1 hour traveling).

By plane

The Luxembourg airport "Findel" is located 6 km east of the city center. A bus service to the railway station and the city center is available. The fare is 3, 70 €. Taxi fares are about 25 € to the city center.

By car (map)

Coming from Belgium on highway A6 (E25) and after arriving in Luxembourg, take exit "No 4: Strassen". At the traffic light, turn right (direction Strassen) and continue to the next traffic light (about 300 m). Turn right, direction Reckenthal, and drive for about 1,5 km until you reach the bottom of the valley. At the traffic light, turn right (rue de Rollingergrund), then immediately at the following traffic light (50 m), turn left into the road that climbs up the hill (avenue de la Faïencerie). Once you have reached the top of the hill *, the University of Luxembourg / Campus Limpertsberg is on your left side.

Coming from France on highway A3, take direction Brussels (Belgium), then exit "No 4: Strassen" and continue as described above. 

Coming from Germany on highway A1, take exit "No 8: Kirchberg / Luxembourg Centre". Follow the direction "Centre" for about 3,5 km. Once you have passed the bridge behind the "twin towers", take the right lane (subway). At the first traffic light, turn right into the "avenue de la Faïencerie" **. Drive for about 1 km, the University of Luxembourg / Campus Limpertsberg will be on your right.

Parking possibilities on the campus are limited. An authorization needs to be displayed on the windshield and can be obtained by sending an e-mail to If the parking lot of the campus is full up, you may use the parking "Glacis" (link "Luxembourg", area 1A).

* If you continue for about 1 km, you will see the parking "Glacis" on your left.

** The parking "Glacis" is on your right.


The University restaurant, next to the conference room, is available to participants in the colloquium and offers various possibilities, e.g.

starter, main dish, desert: 3,80 € / starter or desert, main dish: 3,30 € / mixed salads: 2,20 € / sandwiches: 1,80 €

Coffee breaks are offered to participants.


The registration fee is 50 €, payable at the beginning of the conference.


Participants will have access to computers allowing browsing, telnet and ssh connections to remote hosts. For more sophisticated needs, please contact the organizers.



Last update: June 27, 2003