Monday, 7th of June
08h30 - 10h10 welcome of the participants
10h15 - 10h40 opening session
  Speaker Title
10h50 - 11h50 Alan Weinstein Prequantization of Poisson manifolds associated with contact manifolds
13h50 - 14h50 Izu Vaisman Poisson structures on foliated manifolds
15h10 - 16h10 Philip Foth Toric degenerations of polygon spaces and applications
coffee break
16h40 - 17h40 Martin Bordemann
(Bi)modules, morphisms and reduction of star-products: the symplectic case, foliations and obstructions

Reception offered by the University

Tuesday, 8th of June
Schedule Speaker Title
09h30 - 10h30 Kirill C. H. Mackenzie Duality for double and higher structures
coffee break
10h50 - 11h50 Serge Parmentier On dynamical Poisson groupoids
13h50 - 14h50 Janusz Grabowski
Frame-independent mechanics: Lie and Poisson brackets on sections of affine bundles
15h10 - 16h10 Nguyen Tien Zung Linearization of Lie groupoids and symplectic groupoids
coffee break
16h40 - 17h40 Ping Xu On the universal lifting theorem

Poster session

Wednesday, 9th of June
Schedule Speaker Title
09h30 - 10h30 Marco Gualtieri Generalized Geometry
coffee break
10h50 - 11h50 Aissa Wade On the local structure of Dirac manifolds
13h50 - 14h50 Yoshiaki Maeda Complex Maslov blurred bundles
15h10 - 16h10 Pavol Severa Non-commutative differential forms and quantization of the odd symplectic category
coffee break
16h40 - 17h40 Henrique Bursztyn Dirac structures, moment maps and quasi-Poisson manifolds

Concert by the "Quatuor de Saxophones de Luxembourg"

Thursday, 10th of June
Schedule Speaker Title
09h00 - 10h00 Olga Radko The Picard groups and topologically stable Poisson structures
10h15 - 11h15 Philippe Monnier Poisson cohomology
coffee break
11h45 - 12h45 Rui L. Fernandes First steps in Poisson Topology

Guided tour and conference dinner

Friday, 11th of June
Schedule Speaker Title
09h00 - 10h00 Theodore Voronov Higher derived brackets
10h15 - 11h15 Anton Alekseev Deformation quantization of coadjoint orbits
coffee break
11h45 - 12h45

Tudor S. Ratiu 

Orbits in Banach Lie-Poisson spaces



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