Doctorands Seminar

of the Mathematics Research Unit of Luxembourg University

Academic Year 2009-2010

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Every Tuesday from 2pm to 3:30pm, in the auditorium 3.04 in the Science Building on the campus of Limpertsberg.


Martin Schlichenmaier and Emilie David-Guillou


Winter Semester 2009-2010

October 6, 2009
Emilie David-Guillou (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Heat kernel - From geometry to analysis, and back (part 3 of last year's minicourse).

October 13, October 20, 2009

Matthias Peter (Luxembourg University)

Talk: Pseudo-differential operators.

October 27, November 3, November 10, 2009

Alexei Kotov (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Supergroups and supersymmetry models.

November 17, 2009

Batu Güneysu (Bonn University)

Talk: The Feynman-Kac formula for Schrödinger operators on vector bundles.

December 1, December 8, 2009

Mikaël Chopp (Luxembourg University and Metz University)

Talk: Lie-admissible structures on Witt type algebras.

December 15, 2009

Joan Millès (University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis)

Talk: How to study unital associative algebra ?

January 19, January 22, 2010

Kevin Kaszewski (Luxembourg University)

Talk: Ternary expansions of powers of 2: 3-adic system and real system.

January 26, February 2, February 9, 2010

Andrea Altomani (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Morse Theory.

February 16, 2010
Giuseppe Bonavolonta (Luxembourg University)

Talk: An introduction to Batalin Vilkovisky formalism in field theory.

Summer Semester 2009-2010

February 23, March 2, March 9, 2010
Marie-Amélie Lawn (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Kähler Geometry.

March 16, March 23, 2010

Dejun Luo (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: A short introduction to stochastic analysis.

March 30, 2010

Mihaela Pilca (Cologne University)

Talk: Special classes of spinors on Riemannian and Kähler manifolds.

April 13, April 20, 2010

Daniel Neyen (Luxembourg University)

Talk: Trace field of Kleinian groups.

April 27, 2010

Sami El Rahouli (Luxembourg University)

Talk: The Black-Scholes model and options pricing in continuous time.

May 4, May 11, May 18, 2010

Julia Kuznetsova (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Introduction to K-theory.

May 25, June 1, 2010

Yaël Frégier (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Introduction to the categorification of topological invariants.

June 8, 2010

Kevin Kaszewski (Luxembourg University)

Talk: Hausdorff measure, Hausdorff dimension, and applications to number theory.