Doctorands Seminar

of the Mathematics Research Unit of Luxembourg University

Academic Year 2010-2011

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Every Wednesday from 9:45am to 11:15am, in the room B.04 located in the main building on the campus of Kirchberg.


Martin Schlichenmaier and Emilie David-Guillou


Winter Semester 2010-2011

October 13, October 20, October 27
Sergei Akbarov (Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information)

Minicourse: Hodge Theory.

November 3, November 10

David Khudaverdyan (Luxembourg University)

Talk: Internal categories, n-categories, n-vector spaces, Lie 2 algebras.

November 24, December 1

Jean-Philippe Michel (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Differential operators and their symbols: a geometric point of view

December 8, December 15
Henrik Strohmayer (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Koszul operads and Cohen-Macaulay posets.
Part I -- Koszul operads   Part II -- Cohen-Macaulay posets and the poset of an operad

Summer Semester 2010-2011

February 23, March 2
Serge Pelap (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Poisson geometry and deformation theory.

March 9

MikaŽl Chopp (Luxembourg University)

Talk: Left-symmetric structures on the Witt algebra.

March 16, March 23, March 30

Julia Kuznetsova (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Desintegration of representations

April 6, April 13

Chiara Pagani (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: An introduction to Hopf-Galois extensions

April 27, May 4

Simon Brain (Luxembourg University)

Minicourse: Representation Theory and Morita Equivalence of C*-Algebras

May 11

Tiffany Covolo (Luxembourg University)

Talk: Graded commutative algebras