Ongoing projects

  1. Arithmetic Billiards
    Level: Bachelor thesis
    Supervisors: Antonella Perucca, Sebastiano Tronto
    Student: Steve Schmol

  2. Lët'z box-counting!
    Level: Bachelor thesis
    Supervisor: Lara Daw, Guendalina Palmirotta
    Student: Kim Da Cruz

  3. Counting points over finite fields
    Level: EML 3.
    Supervisor: Gerard van der Geer, Bryan Advocaat
    Students: Dylan Mota, Kim Da Cruz, Clara Popescu

  4. Behind the secrets of Hadamard matrices and their applications
    Level: EML 3.
    Supervisor: Guendalina Palmirotta
    Students: Eva Ragazzini, Lara Suys, Lea Micard

  5. Knights and Queens
    Level: EML 1.
    Supervisor: Thierry Meyrath, Gabor Wiese
    Students: Fátima De Jesus Dionisio Campos Gomes, Selma Hamzaj

  6. Voter models and influencers in social networks
    Level: EML 1.
    Supervisor: Simon Campese
    Students: Oliver Philip Jack, Francesca Feyereisen, Noah Thielen

  7. Langton and his Ant
    Level: EML 1.
    Supervisor: Tara Trauthwein
    Students: Dewei Zou, Vicky Zheng

  8. Pseudo-random numbers
    Level: EML 3.
    Supervisors: Ivan Nourdin, George Kerchev, Gabor Wiese
    Students: Anne Fisch, Maxime Rubio, Yanick Verbeelen

  9. Magic Square of Squares - The Modular Approach
    Level: EML 1.
    Supervisors: Thierry Meyrath, Gabor Wiese
    Students: Eden Carbonell, Abigail Verholen

Past projects

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