Proposed projects

  1. Arithmetic Billiards
    Difficulty level: Any
    Supervisors: Antonella Perucca, Sebastiano Tronto

  2. Langton and his Ant
    Difficulty level: Any
    Supervisors: Tara Trauthwein

  3. Longest common subsequences
    Difficulty level: Any
    Supervisor: George Kerchev

  4. Pseudo-random numbers
    Difficulty level: Advanced
    Supervisors: Ivan Nourdin, George Kerchev, Gabor Wiese

  5. Knights and Queens
    Difficulty level: Any
    Supervisor: Thierry Meyrath, Gabor Wiese

  6. Magic Square of Squares - The Modular Approach
    Difficulty level: Any
    Supervisor: Thierry Meyrath, Gabor Wiese

  7. Continued fractions on Hecke triangle surfaces
    Difficulty level: EML 2, EML 3 or EML 4.
    Supervisor: Gabor Wiese, Guendalina Palmirotta

  8. Perturbations of the Lorenz system/Mathematical Physics
    Difficulty level: Introductory/intermediate (some basic knowledge of differential equations is needed)
    Supervisor: Andrew Bruce
    Tools: A Mathematica notebook has been prepared for the students to modify. However, they would be free to use other computer languages if they wish.

  9. Rigidity of weakly convex polyhedra
    Difficulty level: Medium/Advanced
    Supervisor: Jean-Marc Schlenker

  10. Counting points over finite fields
    Difficulty level: Any
    Supervisor: Gerard van der Geer, Bryan Advocaat

  11. Topological data analysis
    Difficulty level: Advanced
    Supervisor: Axel Siberov

  12. Lët'z box-counting!
    Difficulty level: Bachelor thesis
    Supervisor: Lara Daw, Guendalina Palmirotta

  13. Behind the secrets of Hadamard matrices and their applications
    Difficulty level: EML 2, 3, 4, 5
    Supervisor: Guendalina Palmirotta

  14. Voter models and influencers in social networks
    Difficulty level: Any
    Supervisor: Simon Campese

  15. Patterns in random data (how not to fake your tax return)
    Difficulty level: Any
    Supervisor: Simon Campese

FSCT -- University of Luxembourg