Team MIDAS' missions

The research of Team MIDAS revolves around Modelling, Interdisciplinary research, Data science, Applied mathematics and Statistics.

We aim to develop innovative statistical and machine learning procedures based on new mathematical and computational tools to tackle the challenges posed by modern days' increasingly complex and large data sets.

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Research projects

Below is a list of the current research projects where Christophe Ley and team MIDAS are involved:

  • NextStep-EI - Make counts matter : Next level step monitoring in health, sports and medicine by augmenting gait with meaningful environmental information” with Luxembourg Institute of Health
  • New models and inferential procedures to analyse data on multidimensional tori, with applications in the fundamental protein structure prediction problem, within the PRIDE MATHCODA project, with Sophia Loizidou
  • The fundamentals of Statistically Enhanced Learning with Florian Felice
  • The use of AI in medicine with the ESSKA Artificial Intelligence in Sports Medicine group