Geodesics on real hyperbolic manifolds

This GEAR regional workshop is on the theme of geodesics on hyperbolic manifolds. The theme of this regional mini workshop is the study of geodesics on hyperbolic manifolds, and in particular on surfaces and their moduli spaces. The rich interaction between the geometry of hyperbolic manifolds and their geodesics has taken many forms over the last few decades. There has been a particular focus on how moduli spaces of surfaces are related to hyperbolic 3-manifolds and on the study of growth of geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces. The workshop's aim is to bring together more experienced experts, who have largely contributed to these developments, and younger scientists, many of whom have also made striking contributions to related subjects.

News: Registration is now closed.

We are particularly grateful to GEAR for support. In addition, we thank Connecticut College for their support and for hosting the conference and thank the University of Luxembourg for their generous support.