Workshop on Graded Algebra and Geometry

December 5–7, 2012, University of Luxembourg

Supported by:
University of Luxembourg
University of Luxembourg

Mathematics Research Unit
Mathematics Research Unit

Aim and scope

With its roots and applications in Physics, Supergeometry provides a simplifying and unifying viewpoint in Mathematics as well. Although Superalgebra and Supergeometry are nowadays well-established mathematical theories, many points remain to be clarified, even at the level of fundamentals. The development as well as possible generalizations of these closely related theories is a vivid and highly active area of research.

The aim and the scope of this workshop are to bring together experts and students in Superalgebra, Supergeometry and related subjects. Particular attention will be given to the understanding of recent developments and new trends in this area. The topics include:

A number of research talks as well as a mini-course are planned during this workshop.



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