Wintersemester 2009/2010 - Research Seminar: The Eigencurve


The main topics of this seminar are p-adic modular forms and the eigencurve.


Ulrich Görtz, Gebhard Böckle and Gabor Wiese


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List of Lectures

1 15/10/2009 Gebhard Böckle Overview and motivation
2 22/10/2009 Philipp Hartwig Rigid analytic geometry I
3 29/10/2009 Eduardo Ocampo Rigid analytic geometry II
4 05/11/2009 Tommaso Centeleghe Modular forms à la Katz
5 12/11/2009 Panos Tsaknias The Eisenstein family
6 19/11/2009 Ralf Butenuth p-adic modular forms à la Coleman
7 26/11/2009 Martin Kreidl p-adic Banach spaces
8 03/12/2009 Archie Karumbidza The Atkin-Lehner operator U_p and the Hecke algebra I
9 10/12/2009 Oliver Bültel The Atkin-Lehner operator U_p and the Hecke algebra II
1017/12/2010 Stefan Kukulies Fredholm theory
1107/01/2010 Haluk Sengün Pseudo-representations I
1214/01/2010 Juan Cerviño Pseudo-representations II
1321/01/2010 Johan Bosman The eigencurve
1428/01/2010 Gabor Wiese Properties of the eigencurve
1504/02/2010 -- (no talk)


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