Wintersemester 2008/9 - Forschungsseminar on p-adic Galois Representations


The goal of the seminar is to work through the basic notions of (Fontaine's) theory of p-adic Galois representations and to understand some of the principal theorems in this area.

We will follow the new (yet unpublished) book by Fontaine and Ouyang.


Gebhard Böckle and Gabor Wiese


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List of Lectures

1 16/10/2008 Hélène Esnault l-adic representation of local fields
2 23/10/2008 Ralf Butenuth B-representations and regular G-rings
3 30/10/2008 Björn Buth Mod p Galois reprsentations of G_E with char(E)=p
4 06/11/2008 Gebhard Böckle p-adic Galois representations of G_E with char(E) = p and the ring R
5 13/11/2008 Juan Cervino The action of G_K on Frac(R) and (phi,Gamma)-modules
6 20/11/2008 Adam Mohamed The field C
7 27/11/2008 Andre Chatzistamatiou C-representations I
8 11/12/2008 Lassina Dembélé C-representations II
1018/12/2009, 10:15-11:45 Dzmitry Doryn Witt vectors
9 18/12/2008, 17:30-19:00 Haluk Sengün Sen's Theta-operator and C-admissible representations
1108/01/2009, 10:15-11:45 Doan Trung Cuong The period field B_dr
1215/01/2009 Christian Liedtke De Rham representations
1322/01/2009, 10:15-11:45 Stefan Kukulies The period rings B_cris and B_st
1422/01/2009, 14:15-15:45 Gabor Wiese Semi-stable representations and filtered (phi,N)-modules
1529/01/2009 Kay Rülling Main Theorems


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