Summer Term 2012 - Working Group on Number Theory

We meet twice a week:

Deformation Theory of Galois Representations

We continue last term's study of the deformation theory of Galois representations by working through Mazur's great and very understandable introductory article: An introduction to the deformation theory of Galois representations taken from the book on Fermat's Last Theorem. The follow-up will be decided later.

Everyone is invited to join us!

12/03/2012 Panagiotis Tsaknias 19+20
19/03/2012 Gabor Wiese 20 + Galois Cohomology
26/03/2012 Gabor Wiese 21+22
16/04/2012 Martin Olbrich 23+24
23/04/2012 Panagiotis Tsaknias 26+27
30/04/2012 Gabor Wiese 28
14/05/2012 Gabor Wiese 29

Work in progress

The schedule will not be published here. Everyone is invited to attend! For more information, please contact Gabor Wiese.

Last modification: 3 May 2012.