Winter Term 2012/2013 - Commutative Algebra

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In number theory one is naturally led to study more general numbers than just the classical integers and, thus, to introduce the concept of integral elements in number fields. The rings of integers in number fields have certain very beautiful properties (such as the unique factorisation of ideals) which characterise them as Dedekind rings. Parallely, in geometry one studies affine varieties through their coordinate rings. It turns out that the coordinate ring of a curve is a Dedekind ring if and only if the curve is non-singular (e.g. has no self intersection). With this in mind, we shall work towards the concept and the characterisation of Dedekind rings. Along the way, we shall introduce and demonstrate through examples basic concepts of algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory. Moreover, we shall be naturally led to treat many concepts from commutative algebra.


Depending on the previous knowledge of the audience, the lecture will cover all or parts of the following topics:


There are many books about the content of the lecture, for example:

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