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The Visual Mathematical Dictionary Team is composed by Antonella Perucca (initiator and organizer, Luxembourg), Rich Andrusiak (didactical consultant, River Valley Community College NH), Olha Nesterenko (organizer, Luxembourg).

Volunteer Translators

  • ARABIC: Abdelmalek Azizi (Faculty of Sciences of Oujda, Morocco), Mohamed Mahmoud Chems-Eddin (Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz, Fez, Morocco), Ali Tamoussit (Regional Center for Education and Training Professions Souss-Massa, Inezgane, Morocco).
  • ALBANIAN: Antigona Pajaziti (University of Luxembourg).
  • BASQUE: Xuban Diez Izagirre (University of the Basque Country).
  • BOSNIAN: Lejla Smajlovic (University of Sarajevo).
  • CHINESE: Yongquan Zhang (Max Planck Institute für Mathematik Bonn).
  • CROATIAN: Damjan Pistalo (University of Luxembourg).
  • DUTCH: Bryan Advocaat (University of Luxembourg).
  • ENGLISH (AMERICAN): Rich Andrusiak (River Valley Community College NH).
  • FINNISH: Olli Järviniemi (University of Turku).
  • FRENCH: Laurent Loosveldt (University of Luxembourg).
  • GERMAN: Shi-Yuan Zhou (University of Luxembourg).
  • HUNGARIAN: Róbert Freud (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest).
  • ITALIAN: Andrea Conti (University of Luxembourg).
  • JAPANESE: Sawako Akiyama-Barberon (Service de Formation des Adultes, Luxembourg).
  • KOREAN: Hyeonhee Jin (Max Planck Institute für Mathematik Bonn).
  • LITHUANIAN: Vytauté Pilipauskaite (University of Luxembourg).
  • LUXEMBOURGISH: Ann Kiefer, Christophe Ley (University of Luxembourg).
  • PERSIAN: Akram Heidari (University of Luxembourg).
  • POLISH: Mikolaj Kasprzak, Rafal Martynek (University of Luxembourg).
  • RUSSIAN: Sergei Merkulov, Mark Podolskij (University of Luxembourg).
  • SERBIAN: Stevan Gajovic (University of Groningen).
  • SWEDISH: Oskar Frost (University of Luxembourg).
  • SPANISH: Elisa Lorenzo García (University of Rennes and of Neuchâtel).
  • TURKISH: Ogün Öge (Darüşşafaka High School, Istanbul).
  • UKRAINIAN: Tetyana Kadankova (University of Brussels), Olha Nesterenko (University of Luxembourg), Olga Vasilevich (Lycée Edward Steichen, Luxembourg).


  • The mathematical pictures have been produced with the program TikZ by Antonella Perucca, Olha Nesterenko, Mélanie Theilliere, Alex Schammo, Sebastiano Tronto (while affiliated to the University of Luxembourg).
  • The artistic pictures have been produced by Human Made, Luxembourg (sponsored by the University of Luxembourg).


  • We thank the late Gene Bindels for moral support, and for explanations on the nature of the Luxembourgish language.
  • We thank our translator Ann Kiefer also for sharing with us her feedback and providing generous advice concerning organization.
  • We thank David Fernandez Alvarez, Thilo Baumann, Tatiana Beliaeva, Gene Bindels, Kateryna Fomenko, Pip Goodman, Vandita Patel, Lara Thomas, Kate Vokes for sharing with us their feedback and advice concerning languages.
  • We thank Frauke Kesting and Filipe Lima Da Cunha for sharing with us their feedback and advice concerning the word choice.
  • We thank Jilly Kevo, Vanessa Berners, Alexander Lagarmitte, Plan K, and Alex Schammo for sharing with us their feedback and advice concerning pictures and templates.
  • We thank Christine Schilz, Alison Adams, Sophie Frédérique Martini, Sonja Ugen (affiliated to the University of Luxembourg) for testing that mathematical posters are appreciated by pupils and are effective for learning.
  • We thank Michelle Dimmer, Wilfried Herget, Raymond Mortini, Jean Billa, Charline Vecco-Garda, Pip Goodman, Dominic Harion, Sarah Le Guenic, Bruno Teheux, Sébastien Verbert, Gabor Wiese for valuable feedback on various aspects of this project.
  • We thank Georgios Georgiou, Moshe Jarden, Cecilia Kilhamn for the fantastic material they have on their webpages: we have put a link to it. We also thank Tim Hosgood and other contributors (in particular, Hester Breman) for their online Dictionary project.
  • We thank for teaching us HTML/CSS and inspiring us for the template used for this webpage.

Sincere thanks to all our sponsors!