International School and Conference on Geometry and Quantization

The 2021 Geoquant activity took place in a hybrid manner at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg in Germany August 2nd to August 13, 2021. Corresponding member in the organisation committee was Katrin Wendland. See the links: School and Conference.
Some of the presentations were video-taped (see the links above)

GEOQUANT is a biennial international school and conference activity. It is dedicated to Geometry related to Quantization and its applications. This is a field of ongoing intensive mathematical research. The appearing mathematical problems mainly originate from inside the mathematical theory. But, particular during the last years, a number of challenging mathematical problems came from theoretical physics. It is the scientific goal of the activity to address both kind of problems.
Examples of topics are

Since 2005, we organise every second year at different places of the world a meeting. It is the goal to attract mathematicians from Europe, Russia, Japan,China, USA and elsewhere. In this way we foster the international collaboration of mathematicians working in the field, give a cross-fertilization of different communities in the field to bundle their efforts and to enable interesting results on open problems.
The meeting was hosted by different institutions all over the world. The first week of the School-Conference is a school for young scientists, the second week is a scientific conference dealing with the topics described above.
During the school part young scientists and newcomers to the field will get acquainted with the mathematical basics needed to profit from the scientific talks

Scientific Organization Committee

The activity is run by a scientific standing committee consisting currently of This committee is always augmented by local members.

Main contacts:

Previous locations

were The main topic is always the same: Geometry and Quantization but every time we focus on some particular aspect of it. In particular new developments are always taken up. In this way GEOQUANT reached in the meantime a very high reputation in the scientific community.

Volumes dedicated to GEOQUANT

In the scientific series travaux mathematiques of the University of Luxembourg the following three volumes appeared related to GEOQUANT

Financial Support

The GEOQUANT activity does not have its own budget. We always rely on the generous support of the hosting institutions. Furthermore, we gratefully acknowledge support form other (local, national, international) research networks and science supporting agencies. For example we obtained support from (in an unordered list)

Next meeting

It is not yet decided where it will take place.