MAGMA package ArtinAlgebras


This package contains functions for handling commutative algebras over fields (e.g. matrix algebras), such as the computation of the decomposition of such an algebra into a direct product of its localisations, and the computation of an isomorphic affine algebra with few relations. Functions testing certain properties (e.g. the Gorenstein property) are included.

The package is needed for the Magma packages Weight1, HeckeAlgebra and pAdicAlgebras.

Formerly, most functions of this package were included in old versions of Weight1 and HeckeAlgebra.


Here is the complete code, as well as the documentation and an example as a tar.gz-file.

Here is the manual. It contains a note on the installation, a long example and precise descriptions of the functions included in the package.

Last modification: 24 January 2014.