MAGMA package Weight1


This package computes Katz modular forms of weight one over finite fields. It is based on an algorithm by Edixhoven and builds on William Stein's implementation of modular symbols.

The package was originally written in 2002 (then called Hecke1) and improved in 2003. Since then it has only been slightly updated.

The package needs the package ArtinAlgebras.


Here is the complete code, as well as the documentation and an example as a tar.gz-file.

Here is the manual. It contains a note on the installation, a long example and precise descriptions of the functions included in the package.

Very first version Hecke1

This is the version to which my appendix Computing Hecke algebras of weight 1 in MAGMA (in pdf) refers. This is the only reason why this very old code is still here. The newer versions are much faster and more flexible. MAGMA source for computations with weight 1 Hecke algebras. Requires Some MAGMA functions for handling commutative matrix algebras.

Documentation of as pdf.

Documentation of as pdf.

Last modification: 8 August 2008.