Sommersemester 2009 - Forschungsseminar on p-adic L-functions


In this seminar we study the construction of p-adic L-functions attached to modular forms and advance in the direction of the Mazur-Tate-Teitelbaum conjecture, a proof of which is just out of reach at the end of the seminar.


Gebhard Böckle and Gabor Wiese


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List of Lectures

1 16/04/2009 Ambrus Pál
(Imperial College, London)
Complex valued L-functions
2 23/04/2009 Haluk Sengün The periods of a newform
3 30/04/2009 Adam Mohamed Continuous functions and measures on Z_p
4 07/05/2009 Pietro Ploner The Leopoldt-Kubota p-adic zeta-function and more functions
5 14/05/2009 Doan Trung Cuong Locally analytic functions and distributions
28/05/2009 -- (no talk)
6 04/06/2009 Stefan Kukulies The p-adic L-functions of modular forms and elliptic curves
7 18/06/2009 Yamidt Tobon Bermudez The p-adic upper half plane
8 25/06/2009 Björn Buth Morita duality
9 02/07/2009 Ralf Butenuth The Poisson kernel and harmonic cochains
10 16/07/2009 Juan Marcos Cervino Modular symbols and Teitelbaum's L-invariant
11 23/07/2009 Johan Bosman Harmonic modular symbols and the L-invariant of Orton


Last modification: 7 October 2009.