We kindly ask everyone who plans to attend the meeting to register by sending an email to with your name and affiliation.


We have limited funding to support travel and/or lodging for early career mathematicians. If you wish to apply for funding, please indicate this when registering. The message should include your position, the dates you plan to attend, as well as where you will be traveling from.

This workshop is open to everybody, regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, pregnancy, immigration status, or any other aspect of identity.

Current list of registered participants:

Bill Abikoff
Ara Basmajian
Pat Boland
Martin Bridgeman
Jeff Brock
Jean-Philippe Burelle
Claire Burrin
Peter Buser
Aaron Calderon
Dick Canary
Yu-Chan Chang
Virginie Charette
Moira Chas
David Constantine
Tommaso Cremaschi
Todd Drumm
Viveka Erlandsson
Federica Fanoni
Dave Futer
Ajeet Gary
Jane Gilman
Bill Goldman
Mark Greenfield
Yan Mary He
Patrick Hooper
Zeno Huang
Yunping Jiang
Linda Keen
Youngju Kim
Justin Lanier
Ben Lowe
Eran Makover
Blanca Marmolejo
Bernard Maskit
Sudeb Mitra
Yair Minsky
Bjoern Muetzel
Toshihiro Nakanishi
Hugo Parlier
Priyam Patel
Bram Petri
Alexander Rasmussen
Dragomir Saric
Jenya Sapri
Perry Susskind
Edward Taylor
Robert Suzzi Valli
Ser Peow Tan
Nicholas G. Vlamis
Daniel White
Andrew Yaramola
Mahmoud Zeinalian