The program will be announced in due course. The talks begin Thursday morning and the last talks will be early afternoon on Saturday. The banquet will be Friday evening.

Thursday August 9th:


Friday August 10th:


Saturday August 11th:



Martin Bridgeman (Boston College): TBA

Jeff Brock (Brown): TBA

Peter Buser (EPFL): TBA

Dick Canary (Michigan): TBA

Virginie Charette (Sherbrooke): TBA

Moira Chas (Stony Brook): TBA

Federica Fanoni (Heidelberg): TBA

Bill Goldman (Maryland): TBA

Yan Mary He (Chicago): TBA

Priyam Patel (UCSB): TBA

Jenya Sapir (Binghamton): TBA

Ser Peow Tan (NUS): TBA

Nick Vlamis (Michigan): TBA