Workshop on Gauge Theory and Noncommutative Geometry

June 19–21, 2012, University of Luxembourg

Supported by:
University of Luxembourg
University of Luxembourg
Mathematics Research Unit

University of Luxembourg
Fonds National de la
Recherche Luxembourg


The activities will start at 14:00 on Tuesday and will finish at 12:30 on Thursday:

Tuesday, July 19

14:00-14:30     Welcome / Registration
14:30-15:30    T. Brzeziński
15:30-16:00    Break
16:00-17:00    P.M. Hajac

Wednesday, June 20
10:00-11:00     S. Majid
11:00-11:30    Break
11:30-12:30    R. Szabo
12:30-14:30    Lunch break
14:30-15:30    T. Masson
15:30-16:00    Break
16:00-17:00    W. van Suijlekom
20:00    Conference dinner

Thursday, June 21
10:00-11:00    A. Schenkel
11:00-11:30    Break
11:30-12:30    G. Landi

Titles and Abstracts (pdf)

  • Tomasz Brzeziński:  Bundles over quantum weighted projective spaces.
  • Piotr M. Hajac:  Principal coactions.
  • Giovanni Landi:  Gauge Fields and q-Vortices over the Quantum Sphere.
  • Shahn Majid:  Noncommutative Black Holes.
  • Thierry Masson:  Gauge Theories on Transitive Lie Algebroids Inspired by Noncommutative Gauge Theories.
  • Alexander Schenkel:  Product module homomorphisms and connections in twist deformed NC geometry.
  • Richard J. Szabo:  Quantization of 2-plectic Manifolds.
  • Walter D. van Suijlekom:  Moduli Spaces of Instantons on Toric Noncommutative Manifolds.