shapes from the collective imagination

Luxembourg Pavillion - Expo 2020 Dubai

February 22 - March 5, 2022


The ReCreate project is about illustrating mathematics in a surprising way. The crowd brings a human touch to a journey of interrogation and exploration.

ReCreate is a twofold interactive math exhibition designed by Hugo Parlier and Bruno Teheux from the Departement of Mathematics of the University of Luxembourg.

Animation: Hélène Halconruy, Ann Kiefer, Laurent Loosveldt, Hugo Parlier, Bruno Teheux.

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Abstract artists reach balance and beauty by combining elementary geometric ingredients.

How much of this balance can be recreated by the crowd? Take part in a massive collaborative art exploration project by creating your own abstract compositions. Contemplate your impact in an ever evolving aggregated display of creativity.

The power of the crowd and the elegance of mathematics.

Concept and realisation: Hugo Parlier and Bruno Teheux.

Development: tentwentyfour.

Design consultancy: Piccolino Design.


ReTrace is about exploring, coloring and creating. Explore a puzzle space and leave your trace.

The Quadratis puzzles are based on ideas stemming from the math of combinations, shapes and space.

Math and Design: Hugo Parlier and Paul Turner.

Development: Mario Gutiérrez & Reyna Juárez.