International School on Geometry and Quantization

at the University of Luxembourg

August 31 till September 5, 2009



  • Jorgen ANDERSEN (Aarhus University, CTQM, Denmark):
    Quantization of moduli spaces of bundles and the mapping class group
  • Johannes HUEBSCHMANN (University of Lille, France):
    Stratified Kähler spaces
  • Armen SERGEEV (Steklov Institute, Moscow, Russia):
    Quantization of universal Teichmüller space
  • Dmitry TALALAEV (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia)
    Quantum integrable systems and Langlands program
  • Tatsuya TATE (University of Nagoya, Japan)
    Problems on asymptotic analysis over convex polytopes
  • Tilmann WURZBACHER (University of Metz, France):
    Geometry of loop spaces
  • Weiping ZHANG (Nankai Institute of Mathematics, Tianjing, China)
    Analytic aspects of geometric quantization

These topics are directions of ongoing intensive mathematical research. Participants of the school might be interested to participate in the related international conference GEOQUANT (Geometry and Quantization), which will take place immediately after the school from September 7 to 11, 2009, also in Luxembourg.

Abstracts of the lectures:

can be found here as pdf file