I am very grateful to the Swiss National Science Foundation for their support. In particular I have benefitted from the following grants:
SNF Professorship Grants
Grants numbers PP00P2_128557 (2010-2014) and PP00P2_153024 (2014-2017)
AGORA Grant for Scientific Outreach
Grant number CRAGI2_145616 (2013-2015)
Early Postdoc Grant
Grant number PBEL2_106180 (2004-2005)
The SNSF also funds the Centro Stefano Franscini which provided me with a generous conference grant.

I am a member of the GEAR network funded by the National Science Foundation. As a member of the GEAR network, this makes my home institution a network node and gives access to multiple funding opportunities.

I've also been an external member of different research groups funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education:
Grants numbers 2006-14688 (2007-2010) and 2011-23092 (2012-2015)