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Christophe LEY

Christophe is Associate Professor of Applied Statistics at the Department of Mathematics from the University of Luxembourg. He is an applied mathematician working in the field of statistics/data science, with a strong taste for interdisciplinary work.
Before joining the University of Luxembourg, he was Associate Professor at Ghent University in Belgium.
He obtained his PhD from the Université libre de Bruxelles in 2010, where he had also studied except for the first year, which he did at the University of Luxembourg during its first year of existence in 2003-2004.
He is President of the Luxembourg Statistical Society, President of ECAS (the European organization for Advanced Courses in Statistics), and Leader of the international network S-TRAINING (new data science methods for sports analytics and sports medicine).

Research interests


Recent publications

  • Selecting a conceptual hydrological model using Bayes' factors computed with Replica Exchange Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and Thermodynamic Integration
    Damian Mingo Ndiwago; Remko Nijzink; Christophe Ley; Jack HALE in EGUsphere [preprint] (2024)

  • The trivariate wrapped Cauchy copula - a multi-purpose model for angular data
    Kato, Shogo; Ley, Christophe; Loizidou, Sophia in arXiv preprint arXiv:2401.10824 (2024)

  • Selecting the Best Compositions of a Wheelchair Basketball Team: A Data-Driven Approach
    Gabriel Calvo; Carmen Armero; Bernd Grimm; Christophe Ley in arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.03417 (2023)

  • Relationship between a daily injury risk estimation feedback (I-REF) based on machine learning techniques and actual injury risk in athletics (track and field): protocol for a prospective cohort study over an athletics season
    Dandrieux, Pierre-Eddy; Navarro, Laurent; Blanco, David; Ruffault, Alexis; Ley, Christophe; Bruneau, Antoine; Chapon, Joris; Hollander, Joris; Edouard, Pascal in BMJ Open (2023)

  • Prediction of Handball Matches with Statistically Enhanced Learning via Estimated Team Strengths
    Felice, Florian; Ley, Christophe in arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.11777 (2024)

  • Statistically Enhanced Learning: a feature engineering framework to boost (any) learning algorithms
    Felice, Florian; Ley, Christophe; Groll, Andreas; Bordas, Stéphane in arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.17006 (2023)

  • TailCoR: A new and simple metric for tail correlations that disentangles the linear and nonlinear dependencies that cause extreme co-movements
    Babić, Sladana; Ley, Christophe; Ricci, Lorenzo; Veredas, David in Plos one (2023)

  • Statistics Meets Sports: What We Can Learn from Sports Data
    Dominicy, Yves; Ley, Christophe in Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2023)

  • Möglichkeiten und Perspektiven zum Einsatz der künstlichen Intelligenz in der Sportorthopädie
    Oronowicz, Jakub; Ley, Christophe; Pachowsky, Milena; Seil, Romain; Tischer, Thomas in Sports Orthopaedics and Traumatology (2023)

  • Stein's Method Meets Computational Statistics: A Review of Some Recent Developments
    Andreas Anastasiou; Barp, Alessandro; Xavier Briol, François; Ebner, Bruno; Gaunt, Robert E.; Ghaderinezhad, Fatemeh; Gorham, Jackson; Gretton, Arthur; Ley, Christophe; Liu, Qiang; Mackey, Lester; Oates, Chris J.; Reinert, Gesine; Swan, Yvik in Statistical Science (2023)

  • Machine learning and conventional statistics: making sense of the differences
    Ley, Christophe; Martin, R. Kyle; Pareek, Ayoosh; Groll, Andreas; Seil, Romain; Tischer, Thomas in Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy (2022)

  • From Pareto to Weibull - A Constructive Review of Distributions on $\mathbb{R}^+$
    Sinner, Corinne; Dominicy, Yves; Trufin, Julien; Waterschoot, Wout; Weber, Patrick; Ley, Christophe in International Statistical Review (2022)

  • The Wasserstein Impact Measure (WIM): A practical tool for quantifying prior impact in Bayesian statistics
    in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (2022)

  • Sine-skewed toroidal distributions and their application in protein bioinformatics
    Ameijeiras-Alonso, Jose; Ley, Christophe in Biostatistics (2022)

  • How injury registration and preseason assessment are being delivered : an international survey of sports physical therapists
    Ley, Christophe; Mendonça, Luciana D.; Schuermans, Joke; Wezenbeek, Evi; Witvrouw, Erik in Physical Therapy (2022)

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: an introduction for orthopaedic surgeons
    Martin, R Kyle; Ley, Christophe; Pareek, Ayoosh; Groll, Andreas; Tischer, Thomas; Seil, Romain in Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc (2022)

  • Detecting multivariate outliers: Use a robust variant of the Mahalanobis distance
    Leys, Christophe; Klein, Olivier; Dominicy, Yves; Ley, Christophe in Journal of experimental social psychology (2018)

  • Modern directional statistics
    Ley, Christophe; Verdebout, Thomas in Chapman and Hall/CRC (2017)

  • Detecting outliers: Do not use standard deviation around the mean, use absolute deviation around the median
    Leys, Christophe; Ley, Christophe; Klein, Olivier; Bernard, Philippe; Licata, Laurent in Journal of experimental social psychology (2013)

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    "Carpe Diem"

    "All models are wrong, but some are useful"

    "Who has understands the data has a serious advantage"

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