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The Maths Team

We are very honoured to give our support to Pascal Zeihen (IMO team leader), Mike Dostert (IMO team deputy leader), Bernard Felten (BxMO team leader), and Pierre Haas (EGMO team leader) for their work to promote mathematics.

Who we are:


Thierry Meyrath

He studied Mathematics in Germany at the University of Trier, where he graduated with a PhD in 2011. He then became a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg in the domain of Geophysics, before he joined the Scienteens Lab in early 2017, where he is responsible for the workshops in Mathematics.

At the Scienteens Lab, one of our main goals is to arouse young people's interest for mathematics. By joining the Maths Team and supporting this online training course, I hope to make a further contribution to motivating pupils for this beautiful subject!


Antonella Perucca    Maths Team Leader

In 1999 she was selected to train with the italian IMO-team, and was admitted at only 17 to the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. She then worked in several countries (I, CH, F, NL, B, CA, D) before joining the University of Luxembourg. Her research areas are Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry.

Because of mathematical contests I have met amazing people, and discovered a whole new world... I was also better prepared for University tests and for challenges in general. I would do it again, anytime!


Sebastiano Tronto   

He completed his Bachelor in Mathematics in Trento, Italy. Later he completed the Algant Master Programme and obtained a joint Master degree from the universities of Milan (IT) and Leiden (NL). Since 2018 he is a PhD student at the University of Luxembourg, working in Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry. He has competed multiple times in Mathematics and Computer Science contests (IOI).

Until high school, I thought Math was boring and I didn't like it. But then I discovered the Olympiads and other contests, and I found out that Math problems can be so much fun!


Gabor Wiese

He studied mathematics in Heidelberg and Cambridge, and then worked in France, The Netherlands and Germany before moving to Luxembourg in 2011 as a professor of mathematics. He does research in Number Theory and Computer Algebra.

When I was at school, I loved to play with mathematics. But it was only at the university that I got challenging problems, and truly learnt to appreciate the beauty of mathematics. By accompanying this course, I hope to help some pupils have fun with mathematics.