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For Luxembourg

Mathematical contests in Luxembourg are organized by the
Association des Mathématiciens Luxembourgeois (AML),
with the common effort of numerous math teachers
(THANK YOU to all involved in supporting this cause!).

European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad


The official webpage of the European Girls' Math Olympiad:


Notice that the EGMO exists only since 2012. Related results of the International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO) are as follows:

International Mathematical Olympiad

IMO Logo

The official webpage of the International Mathematical Olympiad:


Benelux Mathematical Olympiad

BxMO Logo

The official webpage of the Benelux Mathematical Olympiad:


Olympiade Mathématique Belge

BMO Logo

The official webpage of the Olympiade Mathématique Belge:

Ask your math teacher how to participate to the Olympiade Mathématique Belge in your school!