- Holonomic approximation through convex integration, with Patrick Massot (published at IMRN, version ArXiv)

- Corrugation Process and epsilon-Isometric Maps (published at Actes du séminaire Théorie Spectrale et Géométrie de Grenoble, version ArXiv)

- Convex Integration without Integration (published at Mathematische Zeitschrift, version ArXiv)

PhD thesis / Images related to this thesis

PhD thesis


Some slides

- Talk and lecture given at Harvard for the Widely Applied Mathematics Seminar (13-14 dec. 2021). The aim of these documents is to understand the possibles shapes for curves / surfaces obtained by the Corrugation Process.

Slides of the seminar

Lecture notes

Meshes of the cone and of the corrugated cones built in the lecture:

These files are made for ParaView nevertheless, except the first lines of the files, it is just coordinates of points, readable by any 3D visualization software.

- Talk at the Workshop on the h-principle and beyond at the Institute for Advanced Study , Princeton (1-5 nov. 2021)

YouTube video


- Double talk at the Séminaire de géométrie, topologie, dynamique of Orsay and at the Symplectix at the Institut Henri Poincaré (7-8 nov. 2019)

- Poster presented at the Workshop: Illustrating Geometry and Topology (ICERM, Providence, 16-20 sept. 2019)

- Short talk presented at Forum des jeunes mathématicien-ne-s, Géométrie et interactions (Institut Henri Poincaré, 23-25 oct. 2019)