Conference organization:

Together with Jean-Marc Schlenker and Ser Peow Tan, we organized a Workshop on geometric structures and representation varieties at the National University of Singapore in May 2017.

Together with Stefan Wenger, we organized a small lecture series at the Math Department of Fribourg in June 2015.

Together with Ara Basmajian, we organized a Workshop on Identities at the Graduate Center (City University of New York) in April 2015.

In March 2014 I co-organized a CUSO doctoral school in the Swiss Alps:
Quadratic forms, lattices and applications

In November 2011, at the Centro Stefano Franscini we held:
The hyperbolic and Riemannian geometry of surfaces and other manifolds

Conferences as speaker (recent or upcoming):

July 2018: Graphs, surfaces, and cube complexes, University of Warwick.

June 2018: Low-Dimensional Geometry and Topology: Discrete and Algorithmic Aspects, IHP, Paris.

June 2018: Riemann surfaces in geometry and physics, University of Strasbourg.

January 2018: Explorations in Geometric Analysis - Discrete and Continuous, CUNY Graduate Center.

September 2017: Astonishing Workshop, University of Nancy.

June 2017: Metric geometry and Finsler geometry, University of Montpellier.

June 2017: Master Class : Contemporary Perspectives in Geometry, University of Strasbourg.

May 2017: Workshop on geometric structures and representation varieties, National University of Singapore.

April 2017: In and around the mapping class group, Barcelona Mathematical Days.

March 2017: Workshop on Enumerative Geometry, IHP, Paris.

December 2016: Geometry of moduli spaces of low dimensional manifolds, PIMS, Kyoto.

November 2016: A new world ... out of nothing, University of Warwick.

August 2016: Geometry, Topology and Dynamics of Moduli Spaces, IMS-NUS, Singapore.

June 2016: Geometric Analysis in Samothrace, a tribute to Gérard Besson, Samothrace.

May 2016: Contemporary Algebra and Geometry in Greece, Anogeia, Crete.

Seminars (recent or upcoming):

2017: Orléans, Grenoble

2016: IHP, Luxembourg, St. Andrews, Stanford, Strasbourg, Rennes, Fribourg, KIAS