Reaching out

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Reaching out, communicating and sharing what it is we do to non-specialists, is vital, important and rewarding. I spend a lot of time working on outreach projects of different types, including creating exhibits for science festivals, games, and exploring the relationship between creativity and mathematics. This greatly influences how I share math, including in more traditional formats like in seminars or classes. My main collaborators are Bruno Teheux (University of Luxembourg), Paul Turner (University of Geneva), Ann Kiefer (University of Luxembourg), Mario Guttiérez and Reyna Juárez. There are too many past events to list here, but we've truly been around the world with these projects.

We showcase mathematical games in science festivals and at general public venues including the Universal Expo and the Game On festival. Many ideas originated in the Mathema project created together with Paul Turner.

Bruno Teheux and I launched the Girls Exploring Math initiative which we co-organize together with Ann Kiefer.

Together with Bruno Teheux, we created the ReShape project (part of Sound of Data for Esch 2022). We collected over 20000 drawings and gave them to three musicians who composed music based on them: Music by Hester 1, Music by Mike von der Nahmer and Music by Timelord.


Quadratis is a joy packed exploration game created together with Paul Turner and Mario Guttiérez. Download it (available on the App Store and on Google Play).
Exploratis, based on Quadratis, allows visitors to visualize their game strategies and compete against each other. It has been installed at the Science Center in Differdange and is soon to be inaugurated at the Sciencescope at the University of Geneva.
With Bruno Teheux, we created the games Involution, Revolution and Cyclicity.

Media presence

Live interview, during the World Expo on Expo TV/Dubai One.
Main Element - Podcast, where I was invited for an episode (there is also a Spotify link)
A short video, made with Bruno Teheux to celebrate the GEM initiative.
An article by the FNR about ReCreate at the Universal Expo.
A short video about DMATH (, made with Bruno Teheux. There is also a longer version.
Science in colors, a video about being a mentor produced by the FNR.
Article in le Quotidien, about the Exploratis station at the Science Center.
24 heures article, about Mathema (co-created with Paul Turner).
Mathema demo video.

Outreach is done by teams of dedicated people. Thanks to all friends and colleagues who helped us over the years and to the FNR and to SNF for funding!