Currently teaching:

Analyse 1

Combinatorial geometry

Courbes et surfaces

Co-creator and co-coordinator of Math Forge, a mathematics clinic for the students of the University of Luxembourg

Previous courses:

Autumn 2018: Basics of Discrete Math

Autumn 2019-?: Combinatorial geometry

Autumn 2017-?: Analyse 1

Spring 2017-?: Courbes et surfaces

Autumn 2015: Géométrie Combinatoire (Fribourg)

Spring 2015: Calculus on manifolds (CUNY)

Spring 2011, 2014: Géométrie des surfaces/Geometry of surfaces (Fribourg)

Autumn 2012: Géométrie Combinatoire (Fribourg)

Spring 2012: Algèbre Linéaire II (Fribourg)

Mini-Courses (research level):

July 2019: Ideal polygons and moduli spaces, Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

August 2018: Geometry and dynamics on hyperbolic surfaces, Swiss Doctoral School Conference (CUSO), Diablerets, Switzerland.

June 2017: Master Class : Contemporary Perspectives in Geometry, University of Strasbourg.

September 2015: The geometry of curves and arcs on surfaces, University of Cagliari

June 2014: Combinatorial aspects of Teichmuller spaces, IRMA Strasbourg

March 2013: The geometry of surfaces and their deformation spaces, ESI Vienna

Project supervision:

Master projects: Delphine Milenovic (2014), Anna Ferretti (2016), Samuel Zappa (2016).