General Information

Time and venue

The sessions take place every Thursday from 09:15 to 10:45 in room 6B of the Maison du Nombre on Campus Belval.


Dedicated to PhD students, the PhD Seminar is an important part of the research training offered at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Luxembourg. The PhD Seminar has a twofold objective:

Who can be a speaker?

All contributions for talks or minicourses are welcome, including from people external to Luxembourg's Department of Mathematics! If you want to make a presentation, please provide the organizers with a title and an abstract of your talk. Lecture notes in any form are welcome as well.


Summer semester: Talks

Winter semester: PhD Away Days


The PhD seminar is replaced once per year by the « PhD Away Days », i.e. a weekend during which the PhD candidates present their research area or related topics to their fellow PhD students hence strengthening their presentation skills and socialise with the other PhD candidates. How to organise the mathematical content (GMS style talks, mini courses etc.) and the journey and corresponding activities varies depending on the organising PhD representative(s).

Dates and Location

The PhD Away Days 2017 took place in Durbuy, Belgium from September 29 to September 30, 2017. The presentations were assessed by Christian DÖBLER and James THOMPSON.


The titles and abstracts of the talks can be downloaded here.