Hugo Parlier

Department of Mathematics
University of Luxembourg
Campus Belval - Maison du Nombre
6, avenue de la Fonte
L-4364 Esch-sur-Alzette

Phone: +352 46 66 44 5648
Email: hugo.parlier - at -

Who am I?

A mathematician (Full Professor of mathematics)
Deputy Chair of the Department of Mathematics (DMATH)

What do I do?

Math and then write papers. Often this is done together with collaborators.

Organize, attend, participate in workshops, conferences and seminars. These are important venues to communicate research, share ideas and foster creativity.

Teaching and mentoring students is an important and rewarding part of our jobs. In additional to my teaching duties, I am
(Co)-creator and director of the Math Forge initiative
(Co)-creator and director of the Math Camp initiative

Outreach is vital, important and rewarding. Together with Bruno Teheux, we were delighted to be able to showcase The Simplicity of Complexity and ReCreate at the Expo in Dubai.

Our current research group:

PhD students: David Fisac (co-tutelle with Florent Balacheff), Thi Hanh Vo
Post-docs: Pallavi Panda, Mélanie Theillière

Photo credit: Mike Zenari, FNR/Lëtzebuerger journal